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Shararat Shararat - Episode 130 Nani tells Jiya to take the help of Dhruv in completing her science project. Jiya's class teacher in
Duration: 1288
View count: 103721

Shararat Shararat - Episode 64 Rani Devi along with Suraj plan to retire and take all the magical powers from Nani. Nani is upset a
Duration: 1327
View count: 63923

Shararat Shararat - Episode 13 Jai is in his best mischievous state. Suraj's senior Dr. Chadda is coming home for lunch. Radha is a
Duration: 1103
View count: 106255

Shararat Shararat - Episode 25 Jiya challenges Pam that she will beat Pam in the Teen Contest. Radha and Grandma help Jiya to win t
Duration: 1208
View count: 111710

Shararat Shararat - Episode 109 Bebo plans to skip the school as she doesn't finish her homework. She dips the thermometer in a glas
Duration: 1331
View count: 66799

Shararat Shararat - Episode 104 Suraj is angry at Jai for scoring fewer marks in the exam. Bebo uses magic and changes the score in
Duration: 1363
View count: 85330

Shararat Shararat - Episode 105 Sushma is bored of everything. Jiya suggests her to start a business. Sushma is pleased to know when
Duration: 1341
View count: 107072

Shararat Shararat ep 191 full epsoide I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Duration: 1265
View count: 25229

Shararat Shararat - Episode 6 Nani is down with stomach pain and visits Suraj for treatment. Nani curses Suraj when he refuses to
Duration: 1224
View count: 82781

Shararat Shararat - Episode 147 Suraj is angry because no one cares for him. Radha advises Sushma to not use magic to promote the ca
Duration: 1255
View count: 82034

Shararat Shararat - Episode 16 Suraj disagrees to take Radha to cinema. Ria visits Suraj and Radha. Grandmother dislikes the closen
Duration: 1247
View count: 97317

Shararat Shararat - Episode 69 Sushma gives some advise to Jiya about grooming. She expresses her desire to go to an amusement park
Duration: 1315
View count: 68052

Shararat Shararat - Episode 138 Suraj gets angry on Jiya and her friends for misusing credit card. Suraj comes to the bank and shout
Duration: 1357
View count: 76530

Shararat Shararat 152 hindi comedy serial.
Duration: 1282
View count: 18498

Shararat Shararat - Episode 26 Shanti as usual spies on Nani's house via the binocular and finds the house getting cleaned all by i
Duration: 1015
View count: 59666

Shararat Shararat - Episode 53 Family wishes Jiya on her birthday. Dhruv calls Jiya but wishes her good morning instead of happy bi
Duration: 1321
View count: 123877

Shararat Shararat - Episode 14 Jiya wants to do modeling. Nani makes Suraj accept the fact. Director selects Dhruv and Jiya to act
Duration: 1164
View count: 69077

Shararat Shararat - Episode 88 Jiya is upset with her failures to perform magic and requests Rani Devi to make her a perfect pari.
Duration: 1299
View count: 70982

Shararat Shararat - Episode 27 Rani Devi grants a wish to Jiya, as per which she can tell anyone about her magic powers and that th
Duration: 1161
View count: 67966

Shararat Shararat - Episode 34 Nani rejoices to know Khushwant's arrival. Khushwant gets gifts for everyone. Jiya spells her magic
Duration: 1136
View count: 83980

Shararat Shararat - Episode 47 Suraj gets a Magic pot from market. At night, he sees a suspicious thing and goes missing. Every fam
Duration: 1153
View count: 62502

Shararat Shararat - Episode 134 Jiya frightens her friends by telling them ghost stories. Dracula wakes up from sleep heads to Malho
Duration: 1377
View count: 61957

Shararat Shararat - Episode 80 Everyone are making plans for Nani's surprise birthday party. Nani gets upset when no one wishes her
Duration: 1267
View count: 62389

Shararat Shararat - Episode 19 Pam feels jealous to see Jiya and Dhruv close to each other. Meeta, Raja and Dhruv ask Jiya to be a
Duration: 1209
View count: 69335

Shararat Shararat - Episode 144 Nani shares her good old days and shows her family photo album to Jiya. Nani takes Jiya to flashback
Duration: 1230
View count: 91429

Shararat Shararat - Episode 85 Nani plays card game with Shanti and looses and according to the condition she has to send Jiya at S
Duration: 1352
View count: 68300

Shararat Shararat - Episode 72 The hotel Manager informs everyone that whoever will get a golden card, he or she will be the prince
Duration: 1290
View count: 66912

Shararat Shararat - Episode 95 Rani Devi recalls the past and decides to take revenge from Sushma. Jiya decides to prepare things f
Duration: 1279
View count: 89647

Shararat Shararat - Episode 89 Meeta comes to college with a new and funny hairstyle. Parminder boasts of her richness and Dhruv de
Duration: 1378
View count: 106782

Shararat Shararat - Episode 61 Jiya and Nani discuss about experimenting soul swapping magic. Jiya and Nani are shocked to know tha
Duration: 1272
View count: 89413

Shararat Shararat - Episode 155 Sushma wishes Jiya on her 21st birthday. Dhruv decorates his room for a secret birthday party. Raja
Duration: 1280
View count: 60332

Shararat Shararat - Episode 51 Jiya sees a dream and shares it with Nani. Nani and Jiya plan to go in past, and view Radha's marria
Duration: 1233
View count: 67341

Shararat Shararat - Episode 132 Nani and Suraj poke fun at Jiya's hair style. Jiya refuses to take Nani's help. Jiya is shocked when
Duration: 1296
View count: 115176

Shararat Shararat - Episode 37 Parminder peeks into Jiya's room through binoculars. Parminder intentionally forces Dhruv for a bike
Duration: 1149
View count: 81158

Shararat Shararat - Episode 102 Meeta is attracted to Raja. Juhi is worried for Meeta. Bebo follows Jiya and reaches college. Jiya s
Duration: 1318
View count: 81253

shararat shararat serial killer episode suraj "the killer "..............
Duration: 1345
View count: 227881

Shararat Shararat - Episode 170 Nani and Radha tries to find out the details of the other Indian fairy but their magic bounces back.
Duration: 1286
View count: 92497

Shararat Shararat - Episode 57 Nani confuse Shanti with her magic. At first Parminder, Eena and Tina wear masks and scare Jiya and
Duration: 1172
View count: 82372

Shararat Shararat - Episode 75 Jiya and Radha hides sweets from Nani but she finds it. Nani curses the sweet as she wants to teach
Duration: 1325
View count: 58553

Shararat Shararat - Episode 9 Jiya doesn't like colors and refuses to step outside the house to play Holi. Sushma challenges that
Duration: 1183
View count: 87654

Shararat Shararat - Episode 129 Nani rants at family members for wasting the water. Nani decides to teach them a lesson. Suraj is sh
Duration: 1242
View count: 46631

Shararat Shararat - Episode 71 Parminder tells her plan about sitting beside Dhruv to Shanti but Nani makes her plan flop by magic.
Duration: 1310
View count: 91413

Shararat Shararat - Episode 190 Colonel enters Suraj's body and apologizes to Sushma. Suraj gets upset with the magic and ghosts. Ji
Duration: 1337
View count: 65257

Shararat Shararat - Episode 111 Bebo finds the box of chocolate hidden beneath the bed. She finds that Jiya has kept the chocolates
Duration: 1356
View count: 49233

Shararat Shararat - Episode 55 Jiya helps her friend with the campaign for the class representative elections. Jiya uses magic to e
Duration: 1309
View count: 88989

Shararat Shararat - Episode 191 Sushma plans to trap Amar in the bottle. Jiya and Radha try to convince Suraj to allow Amar enter in
Duration: 1265
View count: 69091

Shararat Shararat - Episode 146 Jiya is worried about her first day in office. Sushma shows Jiya a false forecasting of office day t
Duration: 1306
View count: 72325

Shararat Shararat - Episode 21 Jiya plans to meet Dhruv. Meeta wants Jiya to make Raja understand her love for Raja. At the same ti
Duration: 1154
View count: 67403

Shararat Shararat - Episode 39 Sushma is interrupted while praying by Shanti. Sushma gets irritated by Shanti's activities and uses
Duration: 1058
View count: 105767

Shararat Shararat - Episode 8 Nani creates a body double of mummy ji and makes her do all the work. Suraj and Radha are frustrated
Duration: 1069
View count: 70318

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