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Shararat Shararat - Episode 25 Jiya challenges Pam that she will beat Pam in the Teen Contest. Radha and Grandma help Jiya to win t
Duration: 1211
View count: 147887

Shararat Shararat - Episode 130 Nani tells Jiya to take the help of Dhruv in completing her science project. Jiya's class teacher in
Duration: 1291
View count: 128140

Shararat Shararat - Episode 7 Nani tricks Suraj from going to the station to pick her. Angry Mummy ji arrives home. Suraj enjoys b
Duration: 1109
View count: 99795

Shararat Shararat - Episode 13 Jai is in his best mischievous state. Suraj's senior Dr. Chadda is coming home for lunch. Radha is a
Duration: 1106
View count: 135034

Shararat Shararat - Episode 69 Sushma gives some advise to Jiya about grooming. She expresses her desire to go to an amusement park
Duration: 1318
View count: 93620

Shararat Shararat - Episode 121 Jiya is delighted as her exams are over. Jiya tries to convince her friends to come with her camping
Duration: 1326
View count: 69991

Shararat Shararat - Episode 47 Suraj gets a Magic pot from market. At night, he sees a suspicious thing and goes missing. Every fam
Duration: 1156
View count: 84882

Shararat Shararat - Episode 53 Family wishes Jiya on her birthday. Dhruv calls Jiya but wishes her good morning instead of happy bi
Duration: 1324
View count: 157160

Shararat Shararat - Episode 104 Suraj is angry at Jai for scoring fewer marks in the exam. Bebo uses magic and changes the score in
Duration: 1366
View count: 110720

Shararat Shararat - Episode 144 Nani shares her good old days and shows her family photo album to Jiya. Nani takes Jiya to flashback
Duration: 1233
View count: 112918

Shararat Shararat - Episode 34 Nani rejoices to know Khushwant's arrival. Khushwant gets gifts for everyone. Jiya spells her magic
Duration: 1139
View count: 109881

Shararat Shararat - Episode 147 Suraj is angry because no one cares for him. Radha advises Sushma to not use magic to promote the ca
Duration: 1258
View count: 103587

Shararat Shararat - Episode 16 Suraj disagrees to take Radha to cinema. Ria visits Suraj and Radha. Grandmother dislikes the closen
Duration: 1250
View count: 126298

Shararat Shararat - Episode 55 Jiya helps her friend with the campaign for the class representative elections. Jiya uses magic to e
Duration: 1312
View count: 112193

Shararat Shararat - Episode 49 Jai wishes Magic pencil as her Christmas gift. All discuss about the Christmas presents. Jiya is wor
Duration: 1217
View count: 79158

Shararat Shararat - Episode 14 Jiya wants to do modeling. Nani makes Suraj accept the fact. Director selects Dhruv and Jiya to act
Duration: 1167
View count: 89259

Shararat Shararat - Episode 9 Jiya doesn't like colors and refuses to step outside the house to play Holi. Sushma challenges that
Duration: 1186
View count: 114901

Shararat Shararat - Episode 105 Sushma is bored of everything. Jiya suggests her to start a business. Sushma is pleased to know when
Duration: 1344
View count: 129108

Shararat Shararat - Episode 109 Bebo plans to skip the school as she doesn't finish her homework. She dips the thermometer in a glas
Duration: 1334
View count: 85253

Shararat Shararat - Episode 88 Jiya is upset with her failures to perform magic and requests Rani Devi to make her a perfect pari.
Duration: 1302
View count: 92783

Shararat Shararat - Episode 190 Colonel enters Suraj's body and apologizes to Sushma. Suraj gets upset with the magic and ghosts. Ji
Duration: 1340
View count: 77871

Shararat Shararat - Episode 3 Nani reaches Jiya's college in a swanky sports car to help Jiya since Pam has vowed to distort Jiya'
Duration: 1224
View count: 192847

Shararat Shararat - Episode 76 Nani takes Jiya in the future where they will be in the year 2009. Jiya is happy to see that she is
Duration: 1344
View count: 72210

Shararat Shararat - Episode 29 Dhruv seeks Suraj's permission to take out Jiya for a day. Suraj and Nani tell Dhruv that he has to
Duration: 1076
View count: 81205

Shararat Shararat - Episode 80 Everyone are making plans for Nani's surprise birthday party. Nani gets upset when no one wishes her
Duration: 1270
View count: 81450

Shararat Shararat - Episode 12 Pam plans to snatch away Jiya's friends to get attention in the college. Firstly she brainwashes Mee
Duration: 1126
View count: 94649

Shararat Shararat - Episode 132 Nani and Suraj poke fun at Jiya's hair style. Jiya refuses to take Nani's help. Jiya is shocked when
Duration: 1299
View count: 141562

Shararat Shararat - Episode 95 Rani Devi recalls the past and decides to take revenge from Sushma. Jiya decides to prepare things f
Duration: 1282
View count: 110764

Shararat Shararat - Episode 129 Nani rants at family members for wasting the water. Nani decides to teach them a lesson. Suraj is sh
Duration: 1245
View count: 62387

Shararat Shararat - Episode 27 Rani Devi grants a wish to Jiya, as per which she can tell anyone about her magic powers and that th
Duration: 1164
View count: 90940

Shararat Shararat - Episode 70 Jiya along with her family and friends arrive at goa for a vacation. Suraj is agitated as Sushma use
Duration: 1308
View count: 93658

Shararat Shararat - Episode 20 Pam's plan to chock Jiya's voice works out. Everyone in the family is worried about Jiya's chocked v
Duration: 1146
View count: 83554

Shararat Shararat - Episode 97 Bebo tells Jiya to take her to the shopping mall. Dhruv is worried about his results of the history
Duration: 1329
View count: 94811

Shararat Shararat - Episode 6 Nani is down with stomach pain and visits Suraj for treatment. Nani curses Suraj when he refuses to
Duration: 1227
View count: 109801

Shararat Shararat - Episode 1 Saint grants a boon to Rani devi; where in her family's every first daughter will possess magical po
Duration: 1197
View count: 257065

Shararat Shararat - Episode 84 Nani asks Jiya to lie that the sweets they will be offering to Rani Devi are made by Jiya and not by
Duration: 1329
View count: 94070

Shararat Shararat - Episode 36 Jai is determined to know about aliens. Jai spots Nani casting spells and takes her to be an alien.
Duration: 1142
View count: 79678

Shararat Shararat - Episode 119 Dhruv is worried for Jiya when he receives her call. Jiya is shocked when she hears her own voice on
Duration: 1279
View count: 72661

Shararat Shararat - Episode 137 Shanti irritates Nani by asking her household things. Shanti is surprised to see Kobra in the Malhot
Duration: 1332
View count: 101791

Shararat Shararat - Episode 122 Suraj informs Nani that they have to setup the camp. Jiya and Meetu argue with Dhruv that girls are
Duration: 1373
View count: 59117

Shararat Shararat - Episode 32 The duplicate Jiya behaves rudely with Jiya's friends and her parents, creating differences between
Duration: 1218
View count: 79000

Shararat Shararat - Episode 138 Suraj gets angry on Jiya and her friends for misusing credit card. Suraj comes to the bank and shout
Duration: 1360
View count: 95406

Shararat Shararat - Episode 103 Jiya wishes to complete her assignment without making use of magic. Bebo uses magic and Rani Devi's
Duration: 1409
View count: 79472

Shararat Shararat - Episode 89 Meeta comes to college with a new and funny hairstyle. Parminder boasts of her richness and Dhruv de
Duration: 1381
View count: 126892

Shararat Shararat - Episode 151 Jiya is disappointed because of her detachment feeling for Dhruv. Sushma advises Jiya to not tell th
Duration: 1265
View count: 71958

Shararat Shararat - Episode 71 Parminder tells her plan about sitting beside Dhruv to Shanti but Nani makes her plan flop by magic.
Duration: 1313
View count: 114169

Shararat Shararat - Episode 113 Jiya scolds Jai for hitting Bebo with water balloon. Dhruv plans to play holi with Jiya. Jiya invite
Duration: 1276
View count: 77032

Shararat Shararat - Episode 37 Parminder peeks into Jiya's room through binoculars. Parminder intentionally forces Dhruv for a bike
Duration: 1152
View count: 104928

Shararat Shararat - Episode 170 Nani and Radha tries to find out the details of the other Indian fairy but their magic bounces back.
Duration: 1289
View count: 114199

Shararat Shararat - Episode 164 Jiya's boss asks her to write a remix story for kids so that they can publish it and make profit. Dh
Duration: 1291
View count: 94421