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Shararat Shararat - Episode 39 Sushma is interrupted while praying by Shanti. Sushma gets irritated by Shanti's activities and uses
Duration: 1058
View count: 89750

Shararat Shararat - Episode 144 Nani shares her good old days and shows her family photo album to Jiya. Nani takes Jiya to flashback
Duration: 1230
View count: 79434

Shararat Shararat - Episode 89 Meeta comes to college with a new and funny hairstyle. Parminder boasts of her richness and Dhruv de
Duration: 1378
View count: 95939

Shararat Shararat - Episode 16 Suraj disagrees to take Radha to cinema. Ria visits Suraj and Radha. Grandmother dislikes the closen
Duration: 1247
View count: 80988

Shararat Shararat - Episode 13 Jai is in his best mischievous state. Suraj's senior Dr. Chadda is coming home for lunch. Radha is a
Duration: 1103
View count: 90180

Shararat Shararat - Episode 69 Sushma gives some advise to Jiya about grooming. She expresses her desire to go to an amusement park
Duration: 1315
View count: 57201

Shararat Shararat - Episode 130 Nani tells Jiya to take the help of Dhruv in completing her science project. Jiya's class teacher in
Duration: 1288
View count: 90727

Shararat Shararat - Episode 82 Jai requests Jiya to make him big in size by magic but by mistakely she makes both of them several t
Duration: 1260
View count: 69691

Shararat Shararat - Episode 45 Radha tries to remind her impending birthday, but all pretend to forget it. Radha is dejected to kno
Duration: 1204
View count: 76180

Shararat Shararat - Episode 29 Dhruv seeks Suraj's permission to take out Jiya for a day. Suraj and Nani tell Dhruv that he has to
Duration: 1073
View count: 51178

Shararat Shararat - Episode 21 Jiya plans to meet Dhruv. Meeta wants Jiya to make Raja understand her love for Raja. At the same ti
Duration: 1154
View count: 56909

Shararat Shararat - Episode 62 Parminder introduces Rohit to her friends. Nani transforms Shanti to a rat. Jiya, Dhruv, Parminder a
Duration: 1315
View count: 88082

Shararat Shararat - Episode 27 Rani Devi grants a wish to Jiya, as per which she can tell anyone about her magic powers and that th
Duration: 1161
View count: 55821

Shararat Shararat - Episode 162 Suraj is frustrated with Radha, Nani and Jiya's magic. Suraj asks for Mahavardan from Rani Devi and
Duration: 1277
View count: 53601

Shararat Shararat - Episode 191 Sushma plans to trap Amar in the bottle. Jiya and Radha try to convince Suraj to allow Amar enter in
Duration: 1265
View count: 61560

Shararat Shararat - Episode 25 Jiya challenges Pam that she will beat Pam in the Teen Contest. Radha and Grandma help Jiya to win t
Duration: 1208
View count: 93439

Shararat Shararat - Episode 147 Suraj is angry because no one cares for him. Radha advises Sushma to not use magic to promote the ca
Duration: 1255
View count: 69561

Shararat Shararat - Episode 56 Suraj informs Nani that he missed his flight. Jiya is excited as Nani grants her permission to go fo
Duration: 1350
View count: 88388

Shararat Shararat - Episode 188 The Malhotra family gets ready to watch the rehearsal of Ramleela. Jiya is keen to know more about D
Duration: 1321
View count: 31732

Shararat Shararat - Episode 145 Suraj and Jiya praise Nani for her cooking talent. Jiya finds the secret of Nani by using her magic
Duration: 1269
View count: 54438

Shararat Shararat - Episode 14 Jiya wants to do modeling. Nani makes Suraj accept the fact. Director selects Dhruv and Jiya to act
Duration: 1164
View count: 57649

Shararat Shararat - Episode 126 Jiya tells Nani that her chemistry teacher is very boring. She requests Nani to help her. Nani tells
Duration: 1322
View count: 47008

Shararat Shararat - Episode 34 Nani rejoices to know Khushwant's arrival. Khushwant gets gifts for everyone. Jiya spells her magic
Duration: 1136
View count: 70905

Shararat Shararat - Episode 104 Suraj is angry at Jai for scoring fewer marks in the exam. Bebo uses magic and changes the score in
Duration: 1363
View count: 72288

Shararat Shararat - Episode 47 Suraj gets a Magic pot from market. At night, he sees a suspicious thing and goes missing. Every fam
Duration: 1153
View count: 53476

Shararat Shararat - Episode 12 Pam plans to snatch away Jiya's friends to get attention in the college. Firstly she brainwashes Mee
Duration: 1123
View count: 60847

Shararat Shararat - Episode 61 Jiya and Nani discuss about experimenting soul swapping magic. Jiya and Nani are shocked to know tha
Duration: 1272
View count: 79428

Shararat Shararat - Episode 49 Jai wishes Magic pencil as her Christmas gift. All discuss about the Christmas presents. Jiya is wor
Duration: 1214
View count: 49750

Shararat Shararat - Episode 23 Jiya's wishes for Jai and Meeta create nuisances while Pam changes completely to a traditional good
Duration: 1011
View count: 40460

Shararat Shararat - Episode 129 Nani rants at family members for wasting the water. Nani decides to teach them a lesson. Suraj is sh
Duration: 1242
View count: 39965

Shararat Shararat - Episode 98 Jiya and her friends discuss about the prom night. Bebo gets bored at home and keeps a watch on ever
Duration: 1313
View count: 48849

Shararat Shararat - Episode 101 Jiya explains Bebo about Christmas. Sushma sets up a Christmas tree in the house. Bebo plans to gift
Duration: 1267
View count: 66183

Shararat Shararat - Episode 183 Jiya and Radha are worried as they are unable to find the whereabouts of Nani and they blame the gho
Duration: 1350
View count: 34730

Shararat Shararat - Episode 20 Pam's plan to chock Jiya's voice works out. Everyone in the family is worried about Jiya's chocked v
Duration: 1143
View count: 53496

Shararat Shararat - Episode 95 Rani Devi recalls the past and decides to take revenge from Sushma. Jiya decides to prepare things f
Duration: 1279
View count: 78871

Shararat Shararat - Episode 38 Jiya and Meeta are blue on their rose day going bad. Dhruv and Jiya remember their last years rose d
Duration: 1030
View count: 71422

Shararat Shararat - Episode 24 During a fight Jiya by mistake transfers all her magical powers to Jai. Latter Jai by mistake again
Duration: 959
View count: 56321

Shararat Shararat - Episode 3 Nani reaches Jiya's college in a swanky sports car to help Jiya since Pam has vowed to distort Jiya'
Duration: 1221
View count: 129727

Shararat Shararat - Episode 87 Kamini informs Suraj about Jiya's marriage proposal, which upsets Sushma. Dhruv play a prank on Jiya
Duration: 1364
View count: 48209

Shararat Shararat - Episode 168 Shanti brings Mona at her marriage bureau for fixing her marriage. Suraj and his family reach the bu
Duration: 1314
View count: 69141

Shararat Shararat - Episode 135 Jiya tells about her dream to Nani. Nani slaps Pam with her magic powers. Nani teaches a lesson to S
Duration: 1360
View count: 100668

Shararat Shararat - Episode 58 Nani helps Jiya for writing a story by providing her a magical typewriter. Jiya is confused to see S
Duration: 1313
View count: 57641

Shararat Shararat - Episode 84 Nani asks Jiya to lie that the sweets they will be offering to Rani Devi are made by Jiya and not by
Duration: 1326
View count: 62250

Shararat Shararat - Episode 178 Pritam Singh is happy to see Nani and shares his memories about her with all of them. Nani plans to
Duration: 1366
View count: 35111

Shararat Shararat - Episode 64 Rani Devi along with Suraj plan to retire and take all the magical powers from Nani. Nani is upset a
Duration: 1327
View count: 54435

Shararat Shararat - Episode 48 Upset with the mean world, Jiya makes a magic wish, where she intends to bring love and affection be
Duration: 1228
View count: 60077

Shararat Shararat - Episode 180 Nani is upset that Jiya couldn't spend time with her after she has started working. With the help of
Duration: 1323
View count: 65974

Shararat Shararat - Episode 114 Suraj and his son fool Nani as its April 1st. Nani decides to fool everybody by teaching them a less
Duration: 1327
View count: 44955

Shararat Shararat - Episode 93 Jiya is worried about the gifts Dhruv has given her. Sushma gives Jiya a key to lock her cupboard. D
Duration: 1302
View count: 51308

Shararat Shararat - Episode 91 Dhruv, Meeta and Raja bluff Jiya about their project for the exhibition. Jiya is hurt about everyone
Duration: 1312
View count: 73162